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Originally Posted by morgaj1 View Post
Couple of questions:
1. What size the welder?
Welder: 85amp MIG (I know..a bigger welder would be ideal..I may upgrade..maybe) Generator: 8500 startup/5500 steady.

Originally Posted by jestridge View Post
Are you using flux core or gas assist if using only gas on the outside wont get good shielding protection due to air movement. after that said ,you have a really nice tank and the boat trailer does ok, you might have to do some re -enforcemt on it. Is it going to be an off set or FB in the back?
75argon/25co2.. Very good point on the wind.

I'm lovin' the tank. The trailer isn't going to be recognizable (as a boat trailer). It's going to be completely reinforced.
The firebox will be on the back end.

Originally Posted by knakker123 View Post
I dont know how amateur welder you are, but did you setup your welding machine properly?? Seems you're using a mig/mag welder? The ones i uses for work had power settings and wire output settings... Different thickness of steel needs different settings. Thicker steel needs more power (deeper penetration), but more power needs moor wire.. Less wire gets better penetration but bad looking results and makes it harder to weld. Too much, and you'le notice :D . Always practice on 2 pieces of scrap metal of same thickness as what your working on before you go welding your real stuff.

If you weld pieces of different thickness it can be a bitch. Thicker metal absorbs more heat before melting. Pre-heating can help. Also depending on what and how youre welding, you may also wanna grind thick metal pieces to form 'a V or Y shaped welding area' before you start welding. That way you get better penetration too. If your welding machine isn't capable of doing the weld in 1 run, you could do multiple layered welds in "the V " But you wont get a good looking result. Again: always practice before welding your real stuff!!!

As said, windy conditions can totally mess up your weld becouse of the shielding gas being blown away. More shielding gas can help, but be aware, too much gas WILL suck oxygen into your weld by whirling. Just blocking the wind might be a better option. Also old paint can make it much harder to weld, removing it before welding will help a lot.

Good luck on your build!
You covered a lot! and confirmed a lot of my suspicions! The paint and rust is completely gone.

I appreciate all you guys' input. I may borrow a TIG and scoot closer to the house.. I'm going to make a few adjustments and see how we do next weekend. Thanks for all the help guys!
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