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This thread really is the absolute Mecca for the UDS. I went through about 200 pages of it, before I finalized my plans and started the build. I took some pics through and I can't wait to hear some feedback and get cooking on it!

Started as a standard 55 gal. 33.75" tall and 23.5" wide

Little fire to help burn the paint off

Took a little sanding at the bottom to get all the paint off, but after the burn

After I wire wheeled the inside

Made some L brackets out of 1" angle iron we had laying around to hold the rack

The fire basket is 16.5" in dia and 10" tall. I made the whole thing out of 9 gauge expanded steel, as I couldn't find an 18.5" weber grate anywhere around here (all the box stores said they'd have them in a few weeks for spring, but I wasn't waiting that long!!) I used some legs from a coal stove we had to trim down for a customer earlier in the year for my feet, and a piece of welding rod bent over as a handle. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but I think it'll get the job done.

Some paint (Let's go Flyers!!), a stack, and a handle on the lid and she's ready to roll!

Thanks for looking, and all the help you've all given me in this thread!
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