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Np. ;)

Heres something else I forgot to point out regarding why we ditched the counters. They can give a newer member an inaccurate sense of someones ability.

A chatty member who is new to the craft can have a post count in the thousands from asking alot of questions and bantering among us

A seasoned expert who visits occasionally and primarily cruises thri threads looking where he can offer his expertise, and rarely engages on banter or chitchat may have a post count in the hundreds. Bit those posts are all helpful and dead on accurate.

Now, enter stage right new member Joe baggo-donuts. Joe asks a question and member A answers to the best of his ability based on his limited experience but his answer is off.

Member B, the expert answers and he is dead on.

Joe Baggy-donuts looks at the 2 answers and has to decide which is more credible. Which person would 'appear' to have more experience? The one with 2000 posts or the one with 300?

Cryptic goofy ranks wont help with that decision and joe needs to do more research or experiment with both.

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