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Following is feedback from eBay buyer received on Feb.17,2012

To: trustedinventer
From: marvelwithtime
Sent: Feb-17-12 00:13 AM
Dear trustedinventer,

I've been using the controller for some time and enjoy it. It's very nice. I do have a few questions about it though.

There comes a point during use where the unit continues to work fine but I cannot press buttons to readjust some settings. I would even switch the unit off and on but still the front buttons would not register anything, all the while as the unit continued to work as programmed. I believe it resets when I remove and reinsert the temperature gauges but cannot reproduce this event at will so I do not fully understand it. It is a little frustrating not understanding how and what is exactly going on.
Can you please explain what this is and how to use this feature?

Dealing with P1,T,P2,and P3. Does T begin to countdown at beginning of cook or as soon as meat reaches P1? Also, if unit is programmed to hold meat at P1 for 60 min, what will happen with the phases of the pit temps, will they be put on hold? Basically, please explain a bit more on this.

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