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Originally Posted by cpw View Post
Couple questions on the App:
Can I change the target temps on the probes using the app? It allows me to change the number, but there's no way to accept or confirm the change.
Is there any way to turn off the popup alarm sound? It's very annoying.

Once you make a change to a probe on it's configuration screen, that change is passed on to the Stoker. I'm looking into using a picker to select the temps in v1.3. This will allow you to cancel out of the change if you choose to.

v1.2 will allow you to choose what music you hear when the alarm pops up. Other than that, you can turn off the alarms if they are poping up to frequently or change the frequency of how often they pop up.

v1.2 was submitted to Apple on Wednesday, so I'm waiting for them to approve it.

Let me know if this doesn't answer your questions.

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