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Originally Posted by aussiealice View Post
Hi there,

I live in Australia. I am collecting bits to make an Ugly Drum Smoker. I have found it super difficult to find a gallon drum to use but have found one that previously had "metolachlor" in it. Anyone know what it is? Looks clean and has been cleaned with caustic soda, plus I'll burn it out to remove any remnants. Do you think this will suffice?

I have also scavenged a couple of stainless steel beer kegs which I plan to turn into smokers as well. The outside of them is galvanised though and I vaguely remember someone saying galvanised = bad? Is that right?
Any other tips, send em my way. Cheers for the help!
Pass it by. Metolachlor is dangerous,nasty stuff. (Pesticide family???)
You might burn it all out, but what if you don't get it all???

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