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Originally Posted by dmprantz View Post
btw, the stapler would work because the Alt-ID would never be on the comment card. It would be on the score sheet, and the comment card would temporarily be attached to it. Once the scores are entered and the software returns the ID, the comment card can have the ID written on it and be detached from the score sheet.

Ugh! I would avoid any situation where the alt number wasn't written on the comment card... too many chances for it to somehow get stapled to the wrong score card or become detached and then we have nothing. Thing is, the software doesn't return the ID until they're printed out and then it's the regular number, not the alt number.

But all this is good... gets folks thinking about what we might try. I think simply telling the programmer what we're trying to accomplish and why would be a good start. I bet most programmers who are worth the money they're being paid could figure out a solution. I know this was a late issue and not even sure the programmers working on the new software know what we need done. I hope to find out soon.
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