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Originally Posted by dmprantz View Post
And why would a stapler not be a decent work-around? Affix the comment card to the score sheet. Don't write the alt-id on it. When you input the numbers, write the id on the comment card and pull from score sheet. No sharpie issue. Surely I'm missing something, right?

We have a comment card with the alt number on it (because that's the only number a judge will see). When the reps enter the scores, they also only see the alt number. The software matches up the alt number with the correct team number. Now, it prints the alt number. On the new system, it will not, printing the original team number instead. No one sees the original number once the box number is replaced with the alt number so we still have the issue of how to match up a slip of paper (comment card) containing the alt number with a scoring detail sheet that contains the original number. I personally believe we need to put the brakes on things and take a look at resolving this issue within the development of the software (my opinion only).
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