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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by coewar View Post
If you can't do a high temp burn out then avoid anything in the barrel. some places maybe have factory burned out used barrels or get a new one. then clean it by scrubbing with a tough scratch pad or sponge perhaps with some alchohol like denatured or rubbing? and clean again with dish soap. Then dry it soon and rub it with an oil like olive oil all over inside plus pipes on the outside. burn that at a high cooking temp (350 at least) for a few hours before any food goes in. This will create a nice protective coating on inside.
Thanks for the note back.

The grainger drum is brand spanking new direct from the factory. They have two options, one lined with the redish epoxy stuff and an unlined that has a 'mild rust inhibitor' coating. What I've read is that this mri is a lite oil of sum sort to prevent the inside of the barrel from rusting during shipment.

I'm trying to verify what that oil is and can it be removed safely without doing a 4 hour burn. I'd love to leave the paint on the outside of the barrel intact to save an extra step

The other question I have is can I achieve this hard burn using charcoal instead of wood to keep the smoke down/fire low - I don't want to scare the wife or the neighbors.

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