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I decided to wire wheel this cooker myself and save that money for another toy that I want to buy! I am sure the finish would have turned out nicer had I went the sand blasting route, but all the little add-ons have me very near the end of the budget!

Here I have a couple of coats of hi-temp paint on and I am getting ready to make my door gasket. On my last cooker I tried putting vaseline on all surfaces that I didn't want the hi-temp silicone to stick to; needless to say, it didn't work that great for me. So this time I just taped some wax paper to the surfaces that I did not want the silicone to adhere to:

Same thing on the firebox door

Then I ran a pretty good bead of the silicone on the back side of the door edging and closed the lid. I got a nice even ooze coming out around all edges, which is what I was looking for. I'll let it setup for 3-4 days and then i'll take a utility knife and cut it flush with the edge of the door edging.

Oh yeah, I didn't mess around the stuff that comes in the small tubes! I bought a regular sized caulking tube of it. Wow, was that so much easier to work with!

Well she ain't gonna be the prettiest pit out there but it is an improvement over the last one and maybe when it's time to refinish I'll have the dough to spring for the sand blasting!

Next up, I have to add on the BLING!

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