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Originally Posted by maliclipse View Post
I've been looking at the grainger barrels labeled as "unlined" though coated with a "mild rust inhibitor". I live in an area where I wouldn't be able to burn out the barrel for hours.

Since this is a new barrel do I need to do a big burn out? Can I have the barrel sandblasted or get the coating off with a mild fire like with a 20lb bag of charcoal?

I'm thinking of getting the 96 gallon drum because its 16 gauge (vs 18 on the 85).

If you can't do a high temp burn out then avoid anything in the barrel. some places maybe have factory burned out used barrels or get a new one. then clean it by scrubbing with a tough scratch pad or sponge perhaps with some alchohol like denatured or rubbing? and clean again with dish soap. Then dry it soon and rub it with an oil like olive oil all over inside plus pipes on the outside. burn that at a high cooking temp (350 at least) for a few hours before any food goes in. This will create a nice protective coating on inside.
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