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Finally got a chance to spend some quality time with my build today and had a really good day. Made a lot of progress and was real happy with the fit of the panels I cut out. It's almost like I knew what I was doing.

Got the floor of the firebox welded in along with all 3 panels of the meat chamber. I still need to weld the bottom of the panels to the floor but I ran out of time. Everything was cut with Zip Wheels and while they do a great job it takes a bit of time making straight 4ft long cuts.

Welds are getting better too I think. I really love the MIG welder, makes it so easy.

Starting to look like a smoker almost.

Been thinking about the firebox and have a couple ideas.

One idea is to have the firebox attached to the door and have the whole thing on sliders so it pulls out all as one piece. Would make it nice and easy for filling and cleaning and the handle would be on the outside so even when the fire has been going for hours it would be easy to slide out far enough to add more lump or whatever.

The other idea is to have a normal hinged door and a firebox separate that still is on sliders and pulls out. May be easier to build and seems like the more standard approach but I'm not sure if there are some benefits to it that I'm not thinking of or what. One advantage would be for keeping the door open while starting the fire to let it breathe, but even with the first option I think I would be fine if I just left it slid out an inch or two, that would be quite a bit of air. I'm also going to have a 25CFM Stoker fan hooked up to it so air shouldn't be a problem.

Thoughts? And thanks for looking.

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