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What a week! After wasting a few days with a builder in fl I have requested 4 proposals from 4 great manufacturers. The positive is i did learn quite about trailers/mobile kitchens from them. I have one bid in and the other three will be here by Monday and will hold phone BAFO interviews on Tuesday. Advice make sure you go into the bid process with a good RFP. The first outfit I was dealing with we're definetly shady, not to say they wouldn't have delivered but they weren't playing as they should have. I rcvd their bid and I fired back a bunch of questions and he wanted to address verbally and of course I wanted in writing. I was getting a bad feeling so I created the requirements doc including a rough floor plan. Then sent out to the second batch of folks including the first guys, and yep never heard back from the first folks. The other four I have had good dialog discussing my requirements. Of course the first bid I rcvd is higher than I hoped and nearly 15k higher than the first guys.

Been researching POS systems and working with a sign company to get my logo ready for the trailer. Oh yes will be sending the down payment to Ole Hickory for my cooker on Monday. I decided on the EL IB, but of course while laying in bed last night second guessing and wondering if I should go up another step to the EW.

Cheers Jeff
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