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somebody shut me the fark up.

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According to this website:

...there's a book and an online course. This is the info I was going off of.

Obviously, the class and cert is the whole point of it, which I plan to do, just wondering if there was a way to save some dough. If the text is valuable to have even after the class, then I'll just go that route. I just figured that if this was a book that once you're certified, is a dust collector, then I'd take it off someone's hands. I'm not interested in taking the class just to get the book, but figured the book would help with passing the test. the exam pretty much one of those general knowledge things? I mean, not that anyone would know, but if you're at all in tune with what you need to do to exhibit safe food handling practices, are you pretty much OK?

Thanks for the input.
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