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Default Pied Du Cochon

Otherwise known as Pig Trotter, or Pig Foot.

The traditional method is to slice open length remove the shank bone and tendons, stuff then sew back together.

I used a method in Michael Ruhman’s book, which uses a knife to carefully tunnel into skin and remove the skin from the shank, like you are rolling down your socks.

Once it is down to the first joint (ankle), use a meat cleaver and separate the shank from the foot.

What you have now is something that looks like a Silence of the Lambs version of a ladies glove.

Now take the shank, and using a boning knife, remove the meat from the bone.

A little chopping.

For the stuffing I used 8 ounces of pork belly salt pork, and 9 ounces of Italian sausage, along with chopped porcini mushrooms.

All in the tub

Incorporate well, and fry up a small amount to check seasonings.

Stuffed Trotter

Wrap in cheesecloth and tie.

Put into chicken stock & OJ bath

And into the smoker to smoke & braise. (this will soften the skin and such)

Please pay no attention to the peppers (I’m also smoking red jalapenos for chipotle powder).

After about 12 hours in the smoker at 225.

With the cheesecloth removed.

Edit: I neglected to mention I put it in fridge overnight to chill and congeal, then.....

Now I slice it up into 3/4” thick slices

Take the splices and bread them in a flour/cracker/breadcrumb mixture.

and into a pan with a 1/2” of oil in the bottom.

Drain and serve with Basmati rice and Artesian bread.

It was just as good (maybe better) than it looks.

Smoked & Fried Pork, how can it not rock!
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