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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Default Long time kettle smoker, < $10 UDS


After making ribs and butts on a kettle for years I read this entire thread and built a UDS over the last week or so.



I got the closed top drum from a tractor dealer, it had motor oil in it. Cleaned the crap out of it, took the weed burner to it and then finished it off with a snowmobile crate burn. Needless to say it's CLEAN!!

I have a Weber kettle that I "borrow" the lid and grate from. I used a knockout to put 1" holes in the bottom of the basket, I am a lump user so the ash choke isn't too much of a concern yet, but the holes will help.

As you can see I took the lip off the drum, as a first try I will see how it works, I put a bead of high temp silicon on the lip of the kettle lid and it seals tight, and I can still use it on the kettle as needed.

The drum was free, the basket and pizza pan were in the basement, the stainless hardware was a "gift" from work and the kettle donor was already in the garage.

I am seasoning it today, it's currently -1 outside. Not sure if I will smoke anything for the game but I am looking forward to many smokes coming up.
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