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Originally Posted by Ehudbenjamin View Post
I guess its time for me to stop lurking.

I have seen so many setups and all claim close to the same results, (4) 1/2" intakes, (3) 3/4", (3) 1"......(4) 1/2" exhaust, (12) 1/2 " exhaust, (1) 2" exhaust...etc

The variables are so far off they cant all be working that well, can they? Shouldn't there scientifically be a sweet spot for intake and exhaust? Is there one size that works better?

It will take a few cooks to dial in your drum...with all the variables this build is forgiving.

That said I'd LOVE to see a poll(s) to determine the MCD (most common denominator)....the MCD UDS poll could "standardize" size\number air intake and exaust...size\volume basket....grill height...etc

Would also like to see how much air intake is open when cruising at a steady temp...say 300°F. This info "should" speed up the dialing in exercise.
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