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Is lookin for wood to cook with.

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Cooking is a total pain in the ass, it's unpredictable - kinda like women - which is probably why it's so much fun for us.

And of course, just like there's no magic equation for women, there's no equation for cooking meat...

There will ALWAYS be a piece of meat somewhere that falls outside the "normal expected" cook time - but I don't think it's going to be one of those things where "every" piece of meat is absolutely unpredictable.

And this is also where a longer than 60 minute rest buys time for variance.

Heck - just a couple weeks ago I had 2 similar butts in the smoker side by side.

I had some strange temperature warbles happening about 5 hours into the cook but then something strange happened. I got the first butt close to the desired finish temp but even 2-3 hours after I was unable to get the second butt to break out from a stall in the 155 range - even with the pit at a sustained 235. So yea... I know.. Here's the chart.... (btw - temp on butt 2 is 229 because I had removed the meat from the pit but left the probe in the cooker)...

Butt #1's temp was regulated with the probe from the Stoker and verified with a Thermapen. It was a MIND SCREW...

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