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Is lookin for wood to cook with.

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Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
Heres some feedback...

[Feb 3 10:55am]Meat should start at 38 degrees.
I would recommend letting meat at least set out while the pits warming up.
[Feb 3 10:55am]Pit temperature should be 225 degrees.
Your beginning temp should always be around 300 to make up for all the cold mas your going to be adding. Could explain your long cook times.
[Feb 3 10:55am]Begin cooking meat.
[Feb 3 7:55pm]Foil meat.
IF your going to foil, its usually done by color or temp, not time.
[Feb 4 4:55am]Remove from foil.
18 hrs???
[Feb 4 4:55am]Meat should be 180 degrees.
9 hrs in foil and it should be more like soup?
[Feb 4 4:55am]Remove meat from heat.
[Feb 4 4:55am]Set meat aside to rest.
[Feb 4 9:55am]Meat is done resting.
Your going to rest for 5 hrs? If your going to advise this, you need to put data up for safe food handling practices.
[Feb 4 9:55am]Meat should be 165 degrees.
[Feb 4 9:55am]Serve.

Any other questions feel free to shoot me a PM.
This is great stuff. I'm taking it in like a sponge and I'll be making changes along the way...

Just want to create something good and useful...

Keep the data, comments, criticisms and suggestions coming guys!!! I obviously couldn't think of all this myself. That's for sure. ;)
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