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Originally Posted by jkirker View Post

ANYONE - got any rules of thumb data (time/pound) for larger brisket over 12.5 or 13 lbs?

My experience is limited (heck, I've only been cooking brisket for the past five months or so, though I've cooked a bunch in that time, and I'm heading out now to RD to pick up another packer), so others will have much more data than I.

But you're right, the curve tapers with bigger cuts of meat. ie (again, this is from my limited experience) - a 15 pound packer may only take one hour longer than a 13 pound packer. Lots of variables, though - ie the quality of the meat, fat content, etc. Chit, cooking a Wagyu packer of a given weight may only take 70% or 80% as long as a random select packer - better marbling, less collagen = no stall with the Wagyu.
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