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Originally Posted by jkirker View Post
No, it's not just you... ;) It's a large hunk of meat and I need to make some adjustments for larger pieces - I'm thinking pieces over 12.5 pounds I'll have to calculate a little differently and tweak it.

Personally, I don't have much experience with post trim brisket over 13 lbs so I need some more data.

I really do appreciate you playing with it though... I'll get it there. I'm committed.
You definitely have your work cut out for you....but you sound committed...good luck!!

Yeah, cooking times vary soo much....and the increase in cooking times (per weight) are not linear with the increase in weight...if you can get a calculator to get it right, you're a better mathemagician than I.

It would be helpful if you indicate (on the "simple" calculator) the expected cooking temp range...may help the cooking results be more reproducible.

And I know I've only spoke of brisket, so my focus has been vary narrow. But I agree with the other Brethren - of course it's not done till it's done...but it's a rare occasion that a brisket is "done" at 180.

Still I think this program has the potential to be an excellent guideline once it's tweaked.
Chuck H.
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