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Is lookin for wood to cook with.

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Originally Posted by Mornin' Wood View Post
I like the idea, and I want it to work. Hell, I'm doing my first comp soon, so I'd love to see this work, so I could use it as a guide.
Just tried it again.
Can't send a screenshot from my phone. Sorry.

This time, I got a 26-hour cook. Better, but still too long. And yes, I realize there's a rest time (and I appreciate that being included).

Put in march 14, 2 pm as desired completion time. (Somewhat random, but simulating a comp turn-in time). It tells me to put the meat on the grill at 12 noon on march 13.

Is it just me?
No, it's not just you... ;) It's a large hunk of meat and I need to make some adjustments for larger pieces - I'm thinking pieces over 12.5 pounds I'll have to calculate a little differently and tweak it.

Personally, I don't have much experience with post trim brisket over 13 lbs so I need some more data.

I really do appreciate you playing with it though... I'll get it there. I'm committed.
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