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So sweet - thanks for the comments and PM's so far... I've added some instructional dialogue to the site.... Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Hey, would any of you guys be willing to share some data with me via comments on the site or via PM?

My goal is to make this as accurate as possible - within reason of course.

I totally understand that two cookers sitting side by side will cook two different pieces of meat entirely differently. I also understand that two pieces of meat weighing the same will cook differently based on their geometry, muscle/fat/moisture content, etc. So there will likely never be a perfect tool unless you put the piece through an MRI machine.. We'll try that next.

Here's the bottom line...I just want to create something cool and useful ya know... So with some guidance and some help, maybe I can make it happen. Maybe I can make something that will self-adjust automatically for larger pieces of meat, etc. You know, something that will be a little more accurate than picking up a book that will tell you that your 16 pound piece of meat will be done in 24 hours which certainly sounds a lot on the long side.

So if you are willing to take the time and open to sharing with me, I'd love as much data as I can get. And I'll use it to make improvements.

What data would help?

1) Type of meat
2) Post trim meat weight (the weight of the meat at the time it was added to the heat)
3) Average pit temp during cook & your target cooking temp
4) # of prolonged spikes (how hot did it get and how long did they hold)
5) Total cook time
6) Internal finish temp when done
7) Thoughts on how it turned out (moist, dry, brittle, crumbly, tough, total perfection on a plate)
Whether conditions
9) Cooker type

And whatever else you can think of that I'm missing. It's not even 6AM yet hre and I haven't had my coffee... It's going to be a LONG weekend of this, cooking and beer. ;)
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