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Originally Posted by va92bronco View Post
Awesome. Love the adjustable stack. Was thinking about doing something like that on mine. Now I have a idea to do it. How do you plan to seal in between the sleeve and chimney?
The inner pipe has been ground down with a taper. I have four bolts that will go through the truck stack pipe to hold it on. The control pipe inside the smoker will just slide up and down inside the pipe with the bolt with the t-wing on it. Should work out fine. I have some fire rope standing by if I need it but the stack pipe (chrome) should drop down far enough over the fixed section coming out of the top of the smoker not to be a problem. Wanted to be able to pull the entire rig into the shop or storage units without clipping the header on the door. I also want as much draw as I can generate by using a nice tall chimney.
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