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Question Stuffed MOINKS?

Happy Super Bowl weekend everyone!

Let me preface my post with the following:
I know that a MOINK ball is an all frozen beef meatball wrapped with bacon.

With that said, I would like to do a variation on the MOINK with some pork sausage I had stored up for fatties. I plan on stuffing them with cheese, then wrapping with bacon and smoking.

To do this, I plan on using some egg and bread crumbs similar to what I would do with a meatloaf. Hoping that the consistency would hold the cheese inside and prevent it from oozing out of the meatball.

My fear is spending the time making these and being left with a bacon wrapped meatball with an empty cavity where the cheese used to be.

My questions:
1) Has anyone tried this before? Anything I need to watch out for?
2) What kind of cheese would work best to prevent oozing? (Was possibly thinking about using mozzarella string cheese to be on the safe side)
3) Any suggestions for a tasty glaze to compliment these things?

Any input would be appreciated.
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