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Default WIFI BBQ controller is simple and easy to use

Controller,Probes, Fan and Adapter

You can view and control temperature of your smoker via your computer browsers like I.E. Chrome. directly

It shows meat temperature, pit temperature.
No. of phase, remaining time, manual or automatic

You can change settings by simply changing data and press SAVE.
You can change C or F, Manual or Automatic
This setting is for a 4 temperature phases of pit. First 100C for 10 minutes, then jumps to 110C for 10 minutes, and 120C for 10 minutes, and 130C for 10 minutes. Targeted meat temperature is 95C. Whenever meat temperature reaches to 95C, the meat probe will take over control of the controller. Meat will keep at 95C for 10 minutes, and then ramp down to 85C as keeping temperature. During meat controlling phase, pit temperature is limited under 130C.

This is just an example to help you to understand how it works. You can input and CHANGE your temperature and time interval at any time.
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