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Lightbulb Community Project: Designing the Ultimate High-Tech Smoker

So, I was driving back home from my uncle's house earlier today and I passed by the same 2 heating oil tanks I've been seeing outside this auto repair shop for the past 4 years.

I decided to finally call the shop and see if they were for sale or not. Well, that got me to thinking- what if there were absolutely no limits to what you could use to build a smoker? You had limitless resources at your disposal and money was no object?

What kind of exotic materials would you use if you had every known metal, insulation, etc available to you?

I thought it would be cool to see what the brilliant minds on the best BBQ forum on the net couldcome up with. So have at it! Nothing is off limits! And feel free to upload pics and sketches of your ideas!

By the way, those 2 oil tanks were not for sale, but the shop owner told me to check back in a couple of months. His brother gets them from his HVAC business and is trying to find him a bigger one. If he does find a bigger one, the owner said he'd let me "have" the 2 littler ones. More on that as it develops...
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