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Default Clever man! You are right

Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
The GW can also run programs based on the meat or pit temps. For instance, let's say I want to do a hot and fast brisket but I want the temps to be low for the first part of the cook. From what I understand (I do not have one of these units...yet) you can program the GW to maintain temps at a lower level for an amount of time or even until the meat reaches a certain temp. Then it can change the pit temp to a higher temp.

Also, looking at some of the available options now, I am highly intrigued. There is one option for a remote so you can control the unit and view the current data from inside you house. There is also a wifi unit that can be pretty cool. I am really tempted to try one of these out. Sadly, I don't know which I would want or how I would connect it to a UDS at this point.

woodpelletsmoker, is there an option for both wifi and the remote?
Your understanding is absolutely right from my poor ENGLISH description.
Remote is most useful. I personally like it most.
After I light the fire, I leave the smoker in my yard, I do my job inside room for hours with handy set on my pocket.
WIFI is good for competition for absent team members. I do not think you will do smoking on working days. You leave smoker in your backyard for 10 hours and you check temperature at your office via Internet. Yes it can. But in case you need refill fuel, then how can you do it.
I can do ANY customer flange/adapter, simply give me drawing/picture/photography and size
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