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I am the manufacturer of this controller of GOLDEN-WOLF in China
My name is Wang Zhaohui, Wang is family name, Chinese culture.
Please check mt eBay link to find eBay score and feedback. Most buyers are from American

Dear landshark530, if you fine tune P.I.D, temperature fluctuation shall be under 1or 2 F.
First set I=0. and D=0. Try P from a small value, say 5, and increase step by step, till temperature goes crazy, out of control. then drop P again step by step till the temperature is stable. the P value shall be 60-70% of this stable value. Then try different I and find the best value, last D. This is a trial and error practice. Different application may have different PID value.

Dear Dr_KY, someone got a dirty probe because probe was out stock and I sent 2 probes used by me before. This was just for fast delivery.

Jan.23 is Chinese new year, the spring festival. All country were on holiday Jan.22 to 27.
But if you watch China news on TV, many chinese people (more than 100 million population!) were moving back to home town. Big burden on train and air. Most workers can not be back factories on Jan.27. I have 48 orders waiting for fan for delivery. I am promised today that the fan will be ready on Feb.6

Yes I am also selling cold smoke generator, check my eBay score and feedback please, I have sold many pieces and most byers are Australian. It can burn SAW DUST, it is made from stainless steel. Please compare it with Smoke Daddy.
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