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Default Beef Chuck Short Ribs (lots of pics)

Brother cmohr74 met at Restaurant Depot before the Chicago Area Lunch Bash on Sunday and I picked up some tri-tips and some chuck short ribs.

Since it's almost 60 degrees here today I decided to cook some of the beef ribs. So, at lunch I pulled the Memphis Pro pellet cooker out of the garage and go it warming up to 250 degrees and prepped the ribs. Since this was a last minute decision I didn't do much in the way of prep. No injection, and the rub only sat on the ribs for 15 minutes before they went into the cooker.

There were four pieces in the cryo, each with 4 bones. I picked two to cook today and vac-u-sucked the other two for another day.

I received some og Big Mista's Bitchin' Beef Rub last week, so this was a great time to try some out. I put a medium light coat on the bone side and a heavy coat on the meat side. I let the rub sit for 15 minutes to rehydrate a little and then touched up any spots that I missed.

I did not trim the fat. I may regret that later, but we'll see.

I stuck the ribs into the Memphis Pro at about 12:15pm. I checked them in between telepresence calls and at 90 minutes they were already looking good.

You can see the meat starting to pull back from the bones.

I peeked again after my next call, after they were in for about 3 hours. The internal temp was around 160 and the meat had pulled back quite a bit more.

I had another call so I decided not to foil them until they are headed for the cooler.

More pics later
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