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Originally Posted by Nordy View Post
Though I much preferred season one... Any BBQ show should benefit BBQ in general. I think they could work a Friday night challenge in addition to a regular competition they were filming at. OR could incorporate footage of actual contests with an outside iron chef style contest.

Who knows.

Whatever the format is... I think it will help promote BBQ


At the risk of taking quite a bit of heat for this, I'll write it none the less:

Nordy, respectfully, I'd like to disagree with you on the point where you said "any BBQ show should benefit BBQ". Mind you, I think BBQ getting air time can be a good thing. I think certain bbq-brethren getting their 15 minutes of fame is great (if they wish to get it this way). Guys like Big Mista and others it helps promote their name and resulting in more business for them (I hope). However, I think certain aspects of season 2 were insulting; insulting to cooks, insulting to competition BBQ, just plain insulting in general. It sounded to me like they were ready to have a seed and/or tobacco spittin' contest any minute, right before having to cook road-kill-surprise. To me, very little of what they were cooking had anything to do with something resembling BBQ at all. It made, IMHO, a mockery of the whole darned thing. While it may have brought on additional membership here, and I guess that's a good thing, I dont think it helped barbecue very much.

I think season 1 DID help competition barbecue, but not season 2.

Mind you, if you want to watch this, I think go for it. I love that some guys got well deserved notoriety. I hope it's helped them. For the others that go forward, I wish them well. But I dont think season 2 helped BBQ.
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