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Originally Posted by Gore View Post
Lesser known, like Sirloin? I'm really confused, but sounds interesting.
Funny you should mention Sirloin. I was reading a post the other day and someone stated that they were smoking a Pork Sirloin. Maybe I'm the novice here, but I had never heard of a Pork Sirloin before. Beef, definitely, but not pork. Unfortunately, the brother didn't post photos, so I'm still not sure. That was the second half of the inspiration for this one.

The first half was a commercial and interview I saw recently for a hospital and charity event for "Lesser known cancers." Not that we're doing anything here with cancer, and not that it is funny, but the phrase "lesser known..." made me chuckle. It kind of stuck with me.

And the third half of the inspiration (yes, third half!) is that I'm generally anti-hype. I get sick and tired of seeing the same thing over and over and over... like Thermopens & Apple fandom.

So, the definition of Lesser Known Meats can be anything and will be up to the voters. Obviously Pork Butt, Picnic, Hams, Ribs, Brisket, Chuckie, TriTip, Chicken are all going to score low. Pork Sirlon will work for me, but maybe not some other voters. There have to be some other cuts of pork or beef that people are like, "what the heck is that?" I could see liver, heart, or other organs also working, because while I know what they are they aren't really popular cuts of meat. I can also see some of the other types of meats, such as Goat, Elk, Moose....

So sort of an open category, as long as it is not normally a cut of meat seen. It can either be a simply a strange cut thrown on the smoker and cooked like a brisket, since we've recently learned that anything cooked like a brisket can taste pretty good, or it can be some real complex dish intended to hide the nasty taste of a nasty cut of meat.

BUT, my vision though was not taking a common cut of meat and cooking it in an uncommon method (like a brisket). But as always, the submitters are welcome to take the category and make it what they want and put their fate in the hands of the voters.

I just would like to see some new things.

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