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Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
I love the idea I have thought about this myself in the past but never got the project started. I agree with the above about keeping the lid closed but this isn't always possible. For instance, at times I may be cooking different types/cuts of meat that need tending at different times.

My main question and the reason I never started this project is how will you reach the eye bolt if you have a loaded rack above it? At least on my drum there is very little room around the edges. Perhaps a long, narrow tool?

Second, on a smaller level, as drippings fall and dry/cook on the metal, how can you keep it clean enough to close? For instance, grease starts dripping and collects towards the middle. As it cooks off and becomes hard, you will have obstructions to the vent closing I would think.

Still, as gtr said, mad props on your effort and definitely try it out.
What I did is on one of my weber grates is I cut out the handle on one side which will give plenty of room for the eye bolt to stick up through the grate to reach. No tool needed...just a good glove

Second question is the big unknown...yes, it will be a pain to clean. It is stainless and it is seasoned. I have a washer in between the two discs but I'm thinking as drippings build up that it may cause an issue and need to cleaned quite frequently. Already considering getting a shark steamer to clean the Ribolator trays which would work on this as well.

Thanks for the props guys
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