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Originally Posted by Dutchovendude View Post
There are tons of these scams going around. Once you send your your money, kiss it goodbye! The first thing you will notice is these is no contact phone number on these scams. Second, in their replies, they will ship it to you. In some of these scams, they will tell you that the shipping was already paid by someone else who canceled, so you do not need to pay anything on the shipping. The money is handled through a third party, so there is no way to get your money back. The first question you should ask, as someone said above, tell them you live in the area and ask to look at it in person. If it is real, they will give you information on it. If they will not, RUN!
I emailed this guy back asking specific questions. He replied only with the specifics of how the transfer would take place. I told him I was going to be in Delaware this weekend and wanted to see it. No answer. Luckily, there were enough red flags for me to second guess the ad. The brothers here have more than confirmed it.
Thanks everyone
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