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Default UDS - Controlling Temp Spikes

So I've been contemplating for months now on how to attempt to control the temp spikes in my drum when I take the lid off to tend to the goods. I use the ribolator quite a bit and usually try to spray them every half hour so closing off the vents 10 minutes before every half hour was not working for me.

Here is what I came up with as a possible fix. I have two sets of U bolts for my racks in the drum and this will rest on the lower of the two. Photos show it on the top bolts just while I was fitting it so it will actually sit lower between the charcoal box and the top grill/ribolator. Once I open the lid, I can grab the outer eye bolt and slide it so the vents close. Once I'm done, slide it back open and put on the lid. The bottom disc has 4 bolts that rest in the eye bolts to keep it in place and a groove for the outer eye bolt to slide in. The top disc has the outer eye bolt attached to it.

Going to run a test this weekend with it and see how it goes.

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