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OK So I finished my UDS.... Sort of (sorry no pics yet). It is complete and I even did a seasoning burn on it yesterday. Whild I was able to control my temps adequately, I had quite a lot of smoke leaking from my lid... More than I consider acceptable. Originally, my Weber lid didn't fit so I had a 2" piece of 10ga metal welded to the inside top lip of the drum, which I thought would take care of the issue, but the lid does not fit tightly on the newly fabricated lip. So I purchased some 3/8" Rutland fiberglass rope stove/furnace gasket and cement to glue to the lip to take up some of the gap, but when dry fitting I noticed a lot of small fiberglass particles were falling off the gasket and floating in the air... I thought this is NO BUENO..... So I'm back to square one.... Leaky lid. Does anyone know of any other types of high temp rope gaskets that can be used instead this fiberglass and where to purchase I need approx 7ft. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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