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Originally Posted by smootz View Post
My first post here but I read the first 327 pages of this thread.

I had determined that I would not start my UDS until I had completed the required reading but -------

In January of 2010 the questions were beginning to become VERY redundant. 99% of the posts were asking for and showing the same info about barrel linings, intakes, baskets, and exhaust. I feel like I am living the movie "Ground Hog Day".

Is there any information between page 327 and here that I need to know or does Norco's design still reign supreme in 2012?

If I need to read the rest to be a full-fledged farker then so be it.

Back to the Future - sigh - SCOTTIE
norcos design is pretty much all you need to know to build one. Everything else is fine tuning the drum and basket to their needs or modifications they did. some people use different sized intakes, valves, grill height from bottom, etc. the key is basket is 3" off of the bottom with the air intake below. THe 24" rule for the first food grate is debatable. mine is less so i can fit two grates.
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