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Yes, I guess. We should probably be grateful for a third season. This forum has benefited greatly from the show. I've got a clue since I was a moderator that had to deal with the growth coming from season 1.

I haven't heard too many complaints from the folks that have been on the show. The complaints I have heard or read have come from those that weren't. Hindsight is perfect.

Instead of starting to pick something apart before it's rolled out, how about supporting it and hoping that it represents us well.
when the actors in the movies write the reviews for their own films this position might hold water. of course those who were on the show didn't complain.

thumbs up to all who benefitted, but let's face it, season 2 was a disappointment for alot who watched expected better or different.

*edit* not better from the competitors, but better from the format.
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