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Sorry for the delay in responses. That four letter word "work" keeps getting in the way.

Originally Posted by Phrasty View Post
Why not make a stand for it to raise it up a bit AND have it vertical with a firebox?

Thanks for the props bro!

No problem, props go where props are due Brother. You inspire a lot of us with your builds. I like the raised vertical idea

Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
I think you should for me

In all seriousness though, I kinda think it would be a waste of a good tank to build a standard vertical. You can do that with a drum. With the thicker walls of a tank you can hold the heat in an offset. Now, you could mount it to your existing offset as a lower temp warmer/cooker or something.

What is the diameter?
I would be glad to make one for you if you didn't live so far away! I though about adding it to my offset, but if I did, it wouldn't be very portable anymore, (it is barely portable now)
Diameter is 14 inches. I do not think I would be able to get two racks in it, that is one of the reasons I was considering going vertical.

Originally Posted by Pappy View Post
I think you meant 250 gallon.

My son made a 80 gallon vertical, thick wall. It is like big UDS. Has 2 doors. 1 for food, 1 for fuel. The best thing is, the temps is so steady. Set it and forget it. He painted it black & orange.

Yours is even taller. You could have 3 or 4 racks in it or maybe a side firebox.
That is a pretty nice one. No, I meant 25 gallon. It is 43" tall and 14.5" in diameter. It is what they call a 100lb tank. I have a connection with a guy that gives me all the smaller tanks I could want. This is the biggest he has gave me so far, it has been mostly the 7.5 gallon "rv" style tanks.
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