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Originally Posted by Brizz View Post
Sounds like a concrete pit is an interesting trade off of heat and smoke flow. Because your lid is a flat piece of metal the smoke will travel from the source up and out. In that case for smoke flow you are better off with a heat/smoke source in the center. Which could be okay when doing many smaller cuts. When doing a whole hog you want to make sure to not overcook the rib section so placing wood/heat at each end make sense but you'd have to think the smoke is going to travel straight up and out before giving some love to the midsection.
Actually the chamber isn't that large and the exhaust isn't centered over the ends of the pit... the smoke is dispersed fairly evenly and whole hog gets a kiss of smoke before exiting.
The mid section gets more of an "indirect heat" smoke, but it's there.

Edited to add... I should mention, I'm talking about my cinderblock pit....and how it works.
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