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Originally Posted by RutledgeQ View Post
So I bit the bullet and now I regret it. I drilled a hole in the front and I don't think it was the right spot. I accidentally tightened the bold to the point of slightly bending the manifold, but there is still a 1/4" gap at some places between the grill and the manifold. I am not sure how good the controller will be with that kind of gap. I don't want to turn my weber into swiss cheese so what can i do?

I'm wondering if you couldn't get their air hose adapter that they are offering on there website. I'm not sure how big of a hole you have already drilled, but you could possibly use a step drill and drill it until you have the right size. Right now you have the big bowl thing on the outside, correct? Also with those adapters you could put an adaptor on another cooker and use you iq on that too, just sayin:)
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