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Originally Posted by BigDaddyJT View Post
The Weber lid is that close. It looks like I just need to bend it out a little and or grind down the lip of the drum as you've indicated. I really don't want to modify my lid as I've had my weber for 12+ years now. It's part of the family, lots of memories on that grill. I may go buy another Weber OTG just for this project.

I know what you mean. My wife got me a new Stok (Home Depot) grill for Christmas but I couldn't let the Weber go. The lid will go on a new UDS. If you have a 4.5" angle grinder, most closed-top drums can be shaved down to fit a Weber lid in about thirty minutes. If you don't have one, they're less than $15 at Harbor Freight. That's cheaper than a Big Lots grill and a good excuse to buy a new tool!
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