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Originally Posted by va92bronco View Post
Great looking build. I'm building a smoker right now with a old woodstove for a firebox. Searched around and didn't find much info about people doing this. Seemed like a easy way to make a firebox. Since there was so little info, I was afraid I was doing a big no no and didn't realize it. Glad to see someone else with the same idea. Looks great. Subscribed.
Well I would say as long as you are fairly confident in what has been in the wood burner beforehand you should be okay. We plan on blasting the heck out of the insides and out to help clean up any previous offenses it might have suffered. I ran the box through the calculator and it came out as large enough, although I am concerned that it will still be too small. Might end up feeding it more often than we would like. If so, we can always just fire up the plasma cutter and chop it right off again and build a larger one to replace it. Looking forward to seeing your build. Thanks for the feedback. Looking for any and all advice on this project.
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