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Originally Posted by tish View Post
I love crispy skin on duck breast. How would you accomplish that cooking it any other way than with hot and fast? Suggestions?
You have to cook the duck breast at medium or medium low and slowly to render off the fat under the skin.

If you cook it too fast the fat doesn't render and it is spongy and not crisp.

Cook the duck breast skin side down save the fat and remove it as it cooks.

Eventually the fat will render and the skin will be thinner.

Then cook it on the meat side to finish it.

At the very end you can crisp it with a hotter temp but many times the skin will be crispy enough that you don't have to do that.

The secret of getting crispy skin is to get the skin separated from the meat underneath, this can be done by rendering the fat or as the chinese do they blow it up with an air compressor so that there is an air pocket between the skin and the meat.

Now since the skin is not attached to the meat it will get crisp that is the secret of the chinese roast ducks and pekin ducks.

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