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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
Yes, for the team entry you and your girlfriend entered.

At first I was going to give you grief about doing a team entry, since those are reserved for bashes. But then I figured you would just say that you two did indeed do some major bashing in order to try and wiggle around that little rule thingy. Plus, I don't really feel like that's an important detail any more.

However, I could not just enter it as a regular colonel entry, because you went out of your way to specify that it was a team entry, yet you provided no team name. So I had to come up with a team name.

Last night they re-ran an episode of Seinfeld where "Independent George" was mixing up with "Relationship George", and all of the problems associated with that.

I thought it seemed like a good fit. Just make sure your Relationship Colonel00 stuff stays away from Independent Colonel00 and all will be fine.

Now you know. You're welcome for the heads up.
I can see how that could be confusing to some (me) so for the sake of clarity shouldn't Relationship Colonel00 head over to cattle call.
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