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I've been using a temperature controller with my Performer for years. I got pretty much the same toys you do...though some are made by different companies. You are going to love these new toys! The Performer works awesome as a smoker and my temperature controllers are rock solid on temps. I can fit a full size packer brisket, 2 large pork butts, or 4-5 racks of ribs in a rack. I have no problems setting and holding temps as low as 200 or as high as 375. (I'm sure I could go lower or higher, I've just never needed to.) The performer actually holds low temps better than my keg.

Like the other reviewers suggested, I think you will want to tap the bowl and install an adapter. I put mine in the front and really like that position because it allows me to build a fire in the back instead of on the left (which causes the smoke to to reflect off the lid and come right back in my face when the lid is in the holder.) It's also not competing for space with the gas assist. Though I can totally see the benefits of having the fan under the table too (weather).

There is a spot at about the 5 oclock position on the Performer that is great for running probe wires (if you want to drill an eyelet) because it keeps the wires out of the way.

Congratulations on your new toys.
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