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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Only if they declared it as a team entry. Otherwise (for the males at least), it is assumed that any wives/girlfriends help their male counterparts with their entries (if it's a good one) Otherwise, how could you possibly explain it?

For example. The typical Gore entry without any help from ecode usually takes the form of nachos. With ecode however, we get things like that lamb sculpture. A classic Guerry entry without Redhot is a hot farking mess, while an entry with Redhot is quite the opposite, and usually comes replete with grill posturing.

I just wish my wife knew how to cook. It's no wonder I lose so many of these things.

Now we just need the "silent helpers" for these other guys to step forward. Some of these guys make some amazing stuff, but I have a feeling some pretty lady is their helper and inspiration, without whom their dishes would just look like some sort of nachos with a boxed cheese and canned soup poured all over them!
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