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This approach does look rather elegent. I might have to give it a shot. I was only a little worried about high heat grilling and the plastic barb on the manifold, but I assume that won't be too much of a problem.

Originally Posted by MStoney72 View Post
I installed a digiq dx 2 and I think option #2 is probably gonna be your best bet because you will still be able to use your grill conventionally like you always have. With option #1 you will only be able to use your grill with your ique only. As for performance I have been using mine today since 11:00 am and my temps have been at exactly at my set point the whole time. Drilling a hole in your kettle is the hardest thing to do in option #2, but I can use my grill with or without my guru. Here are some pics, in this first pic I put the weber adapter just above where the one touch system goes by the adapter which is what allows me to still use the grill conventionally
And this next pic is the adapter mounted on the outside of the kettle underneath the grill near the gas assist tube

And here is how I mounted the digiq dx 2
Hope this helps, you will love your new toy!
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