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Alright, I will throw my hat into the ring in hopes of getting a zero after seeing all the great entries so far. This was a "team" entry as my girlfriend wanted to help.

I started off with a couple of chuck roasts that I cooked yesterday. I pulled one and saved the other for something else.

We started off with some basic ingredients including some pulled chuck (leftovers, check), roasted hatch peppers and onions. These three were heated and mixed together along with some store bought enchilada sauce (can of sauce, check).

We took some flour tortillas and spread on some cheese and the meat.

Then rolled them up and placed them in a dish. Then a drizzle of a little more enchilada sauce and topped with some more cheese.

The girlfriend made up a butter, flour, chicken broth, sour cream, Mrs. Renfro's hot jalapeno green salsa and some fresh spinach. This was really good and we plan to use as a base for many things.

The sauce was then added to the dish.

The enchiladas were then cooked at around 400* for 25 minutes then some chives and a little more cheese was added and it cooked for another 5 minutes to melt the cheese.

On a plate in its saucy goodness.

(Fork crutch, check)

These were very good and had plenty of heat to bring a sweat to my brow. This will definitely be a new favorite and I cannot wait to try it with pork or even chicken.
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