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The weather has been horrible but a little more progress this weekend.

Went shopping for misc steel, stainless steel for the trays, and some ATP for the trailer decking. Had most everything we needed at rock bottom pricing. Try finding this much inventory at your local home depo or lowe's baby. Great guys to work with and they are about 10 miles from the house.

Here is an outside shot of the storage yard for materials that are in the process of being broken down. You can see about 1/8 of the entire yard from here. Its huge and they have lots of stuff to pick from.

Picked up a fresh sheet of 5x8 aluminum tread plate for the trailer deck while shopping at our local scrap steel and building materials dealer. Had a little bend in the corner right where the metal sheer is going to nip the corners. Like brand new. The photo shows it after it has had about 25 miles worth of snow and road mess sprayed onto it. It will clean back up just right with some mothers polish on it in the spring.

Did some more checking of the balance on the trailer and then welded the tongue and cross bars into place. Its no longer adjustable. At least not without using the plasma cutter again. Needless to say, this trailer is going to hold up when we drag it around the midwest going to events. Nice and strong steel.

Got the new disc brakes mocked up on the trailer axle. The new rims and brakes are still too far out from the frame rails. Going to flip the springs from side to side and then narrow the axle a bit to bring things in more. I don't want to have to lean to far over when putting stuff on the racks and I want to keep the fender and tire under the prep deck so no ones knees (mine) keep carved up from it sticking out too far.

An outside shot of the rig before we start mocking up the trailer deck and narrowing the axle. Note how far out the new rims and tires are hanging out. We also moved the entire smoker over three inches since the last time I posted. Wanted to have it as close to the outboard frame rail as I could get it and see if that would take care of the issue with reaching comfortably into the back side of the smoker from the side of the trailer. It didn't.

We are getting really close to making the tank cuts for the doors, and inside build. Once this is all done we get to blow it all apart one more time and ship it down the road to get it sandblasted and painted.

Looking doing the tank/firebox/storage boxes in high gloss/high temp ceramic black paint and the trailer in either the same gloss black and or deep Enzo Ferrari red. Have to do a couple photoshop mock ups and see what we like.

I am getting really interested in seeing spring around here sometime in the next 60 days. Hopefully.
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